Advance Care Planning

When you make a plan, you have more control over your future and more confidence to handle any challenges that come your way. This is also true when it comes to planning for your future medical care.

An advance directive is a legal document that explains what kinds of healthcare you desire in case of serious injury or illness. UCI Health patients are encouraged to complete an advance directive and make it part of your medical record.

How advance directives work

An advance directive can clarify such issues as:

  • Whether you want to be resuscitated if you become terminally ill or permanently unconscious
  • Whether you want home hospice care instead of being cared for in the hospital.

At a minimum, you can name an “agent” — a trusted person who will speak and provide consent for medical decisions on your behalf.

Any adult can fill out an advance directive. It’s free, doesn’t require a lawyer and can easily be revised if you change your mind about your care.

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Why advance directives are important

An advance directive provides your loved ones peace of mind by helping them understand your wishes and preferences for healthcare.

This document ensures that your loved ones can be confident that any healthcare decisions made on your behalf follow your wishes and preferences.

An advance directive also ensures that your wishes will be followed by your healthcare providers when you are unable to speak for yourself.

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