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Step by Step

Step 1: Check your insurance

Contact Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois at 1-888-802-8776 to get more information on the Boeing Centers of Excellence benefit and determine eligibility requirements.

Step 2: Calculate your body mass index (BMI)

BMI takes into account not just your weight, but also your height to indicate body fat. Bariatric surgery may be an option if you have a BMI of 35 or above.

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Step 3: Complete patient health survey

Prior to meeting with the bariatric surgery team, we will send you a patient health survey via secure email. The survey is used so that we may learn more about your medical history. Once complete, please email the survey back to us for review.

Step 4: Talk to our team

The bariatric surgery team will review all medical records and coordinate a consultation with you. During this consultation, the surgeon, social worker and dietitian will discuss the best treatment plan for you. Your bariatric surgery options will be discussed at this time.

Step 5: Contact your physician

You must contact your primary care physician and express your interest in UCI Health Bariatric Surgery Services. Your physician will need to perform several pre-screening tests, including:

  • Laboratory blood work
  • Electrocardiogram (EKG)
  • X-ray

Once these preoperative reports have been completed, your primary care physician will send the results to the UCI Health bariatric surgery team. Your physician must also agree to resume care for you upon your return home.

Step 6: Call Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois

After your surgery has been scheduled, call Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois at 1-888-802-8776 and notify them of your surgery date in order to receive the enhanced benefits.

Step 7: Make travel arrangements

Once your surgery is scheduled, travel arrangements for you and a companion may be made.

The UCI Health Boeing Bariatric Concierge is available to assist you with travel recommendations and arrangements. Please call 844-NUSHAPE (844-687-4273).

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Step 8: Receive and review your welcome kit

UCI Health will send you a welcome kit via mail and email.

Step 9: Register for a patient portal account

After registering on the UCI Health FollowMyHealth patient portal website, you'll be able to:

  • Communicate with your physician's office
  • Request appointments and prescription renewals
  • View routine lab results
  • Update your health history
  • Receive reminders for follow-up care and more

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Step 10: Travel to UCI Health

You and a companion will travel to Orange, Calif., where you will receive care from UCI Health Bariatric Surgery Services.

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Step 11: Review your discharge instructions

Prior to leaving UCI Health, you and your companion will receive a customized, detailed plan to help you prepare for your trip home.

This plan includes instructions for care and contact information for the UCI Health bariatric surgery team.

Step 12: Follow up with your physician

After returning home, you must follow up with your primary care physician using your customized postsurgical plan.

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